Community Revolution In Progress

GWMedia has interviewed me and will be on there site soon www.gwmedia.bl.am

If you want to go though initialsation to join crips then contact me on:

MSN: mr_kiss141@hotmail.com
AIM: cripcashmoney

Those of you who have been asking me about ranks for the gang there is no ranks as such but respect the more respect you have the more respected you are in the clan meaning the more people will have time for you and to listen to your bullshit.

Tips on gaining respect:
No serious cussin other crip members of public remember we r family.

Doing things for the clan eg, NFS has is providing us with a server and hopefully a website when he has time.

Maintaining the crip 4 - 1 standard in publics i know i know i have said so many times "dont play your best untill matchs so we can fuck up people who think they are good" but just make ur kill ratio higher so people will actully know we ant actully chattin shit about the 4 - 1 initiation ratio.